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Exira, IA 

Bountiful Baskets

Welcome to Exira's Fresh Produce Group! Here we will keep you updated on our Bountiful Basket site. What is Bountiful Baskets? Bountiful Baskets is a group of people who choose to pool their money and purchase produce in large quantities from resalers at deep discounts. This allows people to have more fresh produce for less money.
In order to participate, you must set up a free account at www.bountifulbaskets.org Step by step instructions are included on this website to contribute.
Contributions are accepted every other week beginning Mondays roughly at noon, to Tuesday at 11 pm. Making a contribution is sometimes referred to as “ordering”, but this is not accurate. We call it contributing or participating, because Bountiful Baskets is not a business that you buy from, but rather a group of people who all pool our money to buy things together.
We will post on our Facebook page when contributions open so you know it's time to participate but in addition to this we encourage you all to download the Bountiful Baskets app. The app will send you a notification when contributions open!
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