2024 Audubon County Fair

Location: Audubon County Fairgrounds
Audubon, IA 50025 (map)


TUESDAY, JULY 16 9:00 AM Judging 4-H Static Exhibits 9:00 AM-6:00 PM Fair board secretary’s office open 2:00 PM 4-H Communications, Table Setting -Agrihall 4:00 PM Open Class exhibits may arrive 4:00 PM Clover Kids Showcase - 4-H Bldg 5:00 PM-7:00 PM Commercial Exhibit set-up 5:00 PM Clover Kids Pet Show – Rabbit & Poultry Area 5:30 PM 4-H Pet & Dog Show - Livestock Pavilion 6:00 PM 4-H Club booth displays must be set-up

WEDNESDAY, JULY 17 7:00-8:00 AM 4-H/FFA Swine check in 8:00- 9:00 AM 4-H/FFA Sheep & Goat check in 9:00-10:00 AM 4-H/FFA Beef check in 9:00 AM-3:00 PM Commercial Exhibit set-up 9:30AM-11:00 AM 4-H/FFA/Open Class Rabbit/Poultry check in 11:00 AM 4-H/FFA Horses must be stalled 11:30 AM Farm Bureau Meal - Hoop Agriland-Ice Cream 12:00 PM Open Class static must be entered 1:30 PM 4-H/FFA Exhibitor Meeting 3:00 PM Open Class exhibits must be in place 4:30 PM Sponsorship Dinner-Tent by Agrihall 4-H Pie Auction Queen Coronation

THURSDAY, JULY 18 9:00 AM Judging Open Class Entries 10:00 AM 4-H/FFA Horse Show 12:30 PM Clover Kids Stuffed Animal Show - Hoop 2:00 PM 4-H Under the Tent 3:00 PM Cornhole Tournament-Livestock Pavilion 4:00 PM-9:00 PM Inflatable Attractions 5:00 PM Clover Kids Rabbit Show 4-H/FFA & Open Rabbit Show 7:00 PM Polka Police - Music in the Park at the Fairgrounds under the Tent. Fireworks to follow.

FRIDAY, JULY 19 8:00 AM 4-H/FFA Swine Show 11:00 AM – 9:00 PM Inflatable Attractions Noon Clover Kids Goat Show Clover Kids Sheep Show 4-H/FFA Goat Show PeeWee Goat Show 4-H/FFA Sheep Show 2:00 PM 4-H Under the Tent 3:00 PM Hay Throwing Contest followed by Adult tricycles and bounce animals 3:00 PM – 6:00PM Balloon Animal Creations 4:00 PM Richard Renner-The Vodvill Klown 5:00 PM Pork Feed – Hoop 7:30 PM Figure Eight Races

SATURDAY, JULY 20 7:30 AM-Noon Farmers’ Market 8:00 AM Clover Kids Poultry Show 4-H/FFA Poultry Show, Open Class 9:00 AM Baby Contest-Hoop 10:00 AM Big Wheels Races-Hoop 10:00 AM-3:00 PM Ima Clown – Hoop 11:00 AM-2:00 PM Water Rocks! Conservation Station 11:00 AM-9:00 PM Inflatable Attractions 11:00 AM Richard Renner-The Vodvill Klown 11:30 AM Non-sanctioned Kids Pedal Pull Noon 4-H/FFA Beef Show Show Order: Cow/Calf Pairs Pen of Three Clover Kids Bottle Bucket Calf Bottle Bucket Calves Feeder Calves Breeding Heifers Market Heifers & Steers Showmanship 12:30 PM Richard Renner-The Vodvill Klown 2:00 PM 4-H under the Tent Richard Renner-The Vodvill Klown 5:30 PM Sheep Scramble –All kids welcome 6:00 PM 4-H/FFA Parade of Champions 7:00 PM IRCA Rodeo 9:00 PM Live Music- 2 ½ Guitars

SUNDAY, JULY 21 8:00 AM Tractor Drive Check in 9:00 AM Horse Fun Show Entries at Horse Arena 9:30 AM Tractor Drive 10:00 AM Horse Fun Show 11:00 AM Round Robin ShowmanshipLivestock Pavillion 12:00 PM Antique Tractor Pull – Grandstand 12:00 PM Beef Feed – Audubon T-Bone 12:00 PM Bingo-Exira Lions – Agrihall 1:00 PM Quilt Show under the Tent 1:30 PM Pie Contest – Agrihall 2:30 PM Open Class Exhibits and Commercial Booths released 3:00 PM 4-H Recognition – Show Barn 4:00 PM Livestock Support Sale-poultry, rabbits, sheep, goats, swine, beef 4:00 PM 4-H exhibits released 4:45 PM 4-H Building Clean Up