Audubon Citywide Cleanup Fall 2021

Location: Audubon, IA 50025 (map)


OCTOBER 8th and 11th
This will be free except for the following items: TVs, refrigerators, oven/stove, electronic equipment, dishwashers, wash machines, dryers. Call the City clerk’s office for pricing and to get a sticker. YOU WILL NEED A STICKER FOR YOUR ITEM TO BE PICKED UP.
The following will not be picked up: tires, yard waste, chemicals and paint, major construction waste.
Place your items on the curb no more than 24 hours before your day of pick up. If your garbage is collected on Monday your pick-up day is October 8 and if your garbage is picked up on Tuesday your pick-up day is October 11.
*These are the only times the city will be picking up items and they will not back track from one day to the next.