2020 Sir Albert

posted 12/2/2020 in News


The 2020 Sir Albert Winners were revealed on November 27, 2020 in the John James Audubon Park. The Sir Albert event is a fundraiser that the Albert Committee came up to help raise funds to make the necessary repairs to Albert the Bull. The committee selected four candidates. The candidate with the most donations will be Sir Albert.  The candidates were Brett "Buck" Irlmeier from Audubon State Bank, Dr. Bob Blomme from AMVC, Donnie Andersen from Andersen Farms and Lawrence "Waspy" Handlos from Waspy's/Handlos Family Farms. The 2020 winners (we had a tie) were Dr. Bob Blomme and Lawrence Handlos. The combine total from all candidates was $19,505.29! The committee is incredibly thankful to everyone that supported the Sir Albert fundraiser this year.