BE ME for a Day Event.

posted 11/2/2016 in News

Be Me for a Day new endeavor we are bringing to the region. Our goal is to bring community leaders and educators together by inviting you to join our BE ME for a Day  Event. Attached you will find a pre-survey for businesses and educators to complete by November 18th. If you have any questions please contact us. We look forward to your participation!  If you are interested please contact Sherri at

What is it?

·         Opportunity for community leaders and schools to come together to build working relationships

·         Allows businesses to share their skills and expertise within the school system

·         Introduce businesses to student programs and educational processes

·         Impacts our students’ and regions’ future employees

How does it work?

·         Business leaders and school administration agree on a day for a business professional to come into the school and shadow a school representative.  The school representative will also have an opportunity to shadow the business leader for a half day/full day

·         Prior to the shadowing, attend an orientation with an IowaWORKS representative to discuss interests and expectations to develop an agenda

What activities are included?

·         School representative could:

o   Observe a classroom and curriculum content

o   Meet with student council

o   Attend student performances

o   Address a class

·         Business Leader could:

o   Attend business meetings

o   Take a tour of the facility

o   Shadow different job positions within the business

o   Meet with an employee panel

Business Benefits:

·         Impact our students and future workforce

·         Create a better workforce within the next 5-8 years

·         Help address middle skills gap

·         Increase awareness and understanding among individuals in the private sector of the strengths and challenges of schools in the area

·         Demonstrate the private sector's commitment to ensuring a quality public education for all students

·         Form ongoing partnerships between individuals and businesses

·         Provide input and ideas from a business perspective

·         Add value to students by bringing in real world applications to the classroom

School Benefits:

·         Gain a more fluent understanding of an industry that can be applied in the classroom

·         Build relationships with businesses to introduce students to explore different industries and develop a career pathway

·         Form relationships with businesses to utilize additional resource opportunities

·         Observe what skills are relevant in the workplace and demonstrate real experiences in the classroom to prepare students for work


·         Orientation will be held the week of January 23rd – 27th where businesses will be introduced to the school representative. At that time planning will occur to determine what activities to shadow or participate in during their visit the week of February 20th – 24th.

·         After the visit, an IowaWORKS representative will meet with the school representative and business professional to discuss the experience.

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