Community Pride Award

posted 8/25/2015 in News

 Sponsored by Audubon County Tourism

Our purpose: To identify and recognize homeowners and businesses in the community that made significant improvements to their property. A well-maintained home or business is a great way to show the pride we have in our county neighborhoods and businesses. Attractive properties help keep the counties’ land value high and are less likely to be a target for crime. Audubon County Tourism would like to recognize and award residents and businesses for their exceptional care in maintaining their buildings and grounds in a manner that helps beautify our communities.

Guidelines: Please consider nominating a resident or business located in Audubon County for a Community Pride  Award. We are now accepting nominations. The number of awards will be determined by those nominated in each community. To make a nomination you must be a resident of Audubon County.  The process is very simple. If you notice a property that you feel deserves to be recognized, send an email to  or call and leave a message at 712.563.2742. You can also mail your nomination to Audubon County Economic Development at 800 Market St, Audubon, IA 50025. Nominations should include the name of the property owner or business and the address as well as your name. If you would like to include a picture you may do so. These nominations will be presented to a committee of the Audubon County Tourism who will select the winners. Audubon County Tourism will notify the winners. The winners will be asked if a sign can be placed in their yard recognizing them for the month. They will also be asked to give some information on their project that will be submitted to the local newspaper.