Fall Grant Program for Audubon County Nonprofit Organizations

posted 6/24/2016 in News

Genelle Deist, Chair of the Audubon County Community Foundation, a countywide community foundation, announced that the fall grant program is now beginning for Audubon County nonprofit organizations.  The deadline to apply for funds through an online grant application process is September 1st.  “We are pleased to announce we have $39,000 allocated for this fall grant cycle,” said Deist.

Of the amount available, approximately $2,000 is from the Leon and Iva Milliman Endowed Fund for the Exira area, $2,500 is from the Charles T. and Kathleen K. Manatt Endowed Fund, $650 is from the Audubon State Bank/Stephen Garst Endowed Fund, $1,000 is for the City of Audubon from the Audubon Masonic Association Endowed Fund, $450 is for the City of Audubon from the Fred and Evelyn Nissen Endowed Fund for Audubon, and $450 is for the City of Audubon from the Merle and Norma Petersen Endowed Fund.  The Audubon County Community Foundation grant dollars are awarded for a single year.

The ACCF’s grants and program Mission is to participate in funding community betterment projects and nonprofit organizations that have similar objectives.  The Goal of the Audubon County Community Foundation grant program is to improve the quality of life in the county by supporting needs that are not being met in the areas of civic, cultural, health, education and social service.  ACCF’s Objective is to fund projects that will have a permanent impact for our county that people can take advantage of for many years.  Only organizations providing services in Audubon County are eligible.  They must be able to demonstrate broad community/county support and supply a copy of their 501(c)(3) IRS determination letter.  Requests for general operational funds will not be considered. 

After July 15th, application procedures and grant guidelines will be available online at www.iowacommunityfoundations.org/auduboncef.  Click on the Grant Information tab or contact any board member for additional information.  Detailed instructions are provided in a downloadable form, as well as a link to the online application.  Only online applications will be considered.

These grant funds are made possible by the generosity of the Audubon County Community Foundation donors.  To inquire about donating to the ACCF, please contact a Board member.   Community Foundations in Southwest Iowa are particularly attractive charities because donations to these funds may be eligible for a 25% Endow Iowa Tax Credit.

Please contact Dennis Nissen at 800-794-3458 or dennis@omahafoundation.org or Denise Cardos at denise@omahafoundation.org with grant application specific questions.   All completed applications will be considered at the October board meeting with notification of results the end of October. 

Board members of the Audubon County Community Foundation are: Chair, Genelle Deist of Audubon, 712-563-4288; Vice Chair, Jonnie Meislahn of Audubon, 712-563-2009; Secretary/Treasurer, Barbara Johnson of Audubon, 712-773-5732; Shelley Burr of Audubon, 712-563-2644; Joel Hoegh of rural Brayton, 712-249-3692; Daryl Olsen, DVM of Audubon, 712-563-2080; and Joseph T. Rasmussen of Exira, 712-268-5357,