posted 10/7/2014 in News

The Exira-Elk Horn-Kimballton School District Foundation Endowed Fund is a permanently endowed fund that can accept donations from the public; individuals, businesses, and other organizations that want to help the school district today AND help build a stronger community tomorrow may donate to the fund.   Not only that, donors will be eligible to receive a 25% Endow Iowa Tax Credit for each donation, in addition to any Federal tax benefits for which they may qualify.

The Audubon County Community Foundation has distributed over $1.2 million in grants and scholarships.  The board members are:  Chair, Brett Irlmeier of Audubon; Vice Chair, Jonnie Meislahn of Audubon; Secretary/Treasurer, Thomas R. Nielsen of Audubon; Barbara Johnson of Audubon; Jay Nelson of rural Brayton; Daryl Olsen, DVM, of Audubon; and Joseph T. Rasmussen, of Exira.

For information about donating or establishing an individual foundation/fund, please contact any of the Board Members, or call Dennis Nissen, Iowa Foundations Director, at 800-794-3458.