2019 People's Choice Awards

posted 12/1/2019 in Tourism by Audubon County Tourism

2019 People's Choice Awards are voted on by the public for their favorites in Audubon County!

1. Breakfast on the Go- Broadway Bakery
2. Dine in Breakfast-El Adobe
3. Cup of Coffee- Broadway Bakery
4. Lunch-El Adobe
5. Burger-El Adobe
6. Steak-Barnburner
7. French Fries-El Adobe
8. Ice Cream- Darrell's Place
9. Appetizer- The Feed Mill
10. Pizza- Casey's
11. Tenerloin- Darrell's Place
13.Pie-Darrell's Place
14. Kid's Meal- Audubon REC Center
15. Salad- El Adobe