Audubon Country School Project

posted 2/4/2021 in Tourism by Angela Platt

One Room-So Much History

By Angela Platt

Long gone are the one room school houses of Audubon Counties. However, a group of locals hope they won’t be forgotten. Nor the stories that go with them.

During the 1800’s, and until the mid-1900’s, the one room school houses were located approximately every 2 miles. At one point, there were over 100 in Audubon County alone.

When farms started to increase in size and the size of families decreased, the schools were slowly combined. Building of roads, the ability to bus kids into a larger school became the norm. The story of “walking 2 miles, each way, uphill, in the snow” became just that, a good story.

Audubon County Tourism is asking for your help in preserving this rich history. For a donation of $50 you can sponsor an Audubon County School House. A plaque to be placed at the site. You have the option of choosing the site. All proceeds will benefit tourism in our area. Tourism is also looking for any photos, articles or stories anyone might still possess.

For a list of available school house locations to sponsor, to send historical information, or to learn more please contact Audubon County Economic Development & Tourism at (712) 563-2742, or email them at