Secondary Roads

Engineer's Office
2147 Highway 71
Audubon, IA 50025
7:30 am - 4:00 pm (M-F)
Phone: 712-563-4286

Mitch Rydl, Engineer
Jami Schleimer, Road Superintendent
Linda Bills, Office Manager

Audubon Shop
7:30 am - 4:00 pm (M-F)
Phone: 712-563-2486

The Audubon County Engineer is responsible for the construction and maintenance of the Secondary Road System of Audubon County, Iowa. This road system is made up of approximately 760 miles of roads and 215 bridges. The roads range from Level C dirt roads to asphalt or concrete paved roads. The bridges span the classifications of structurally deficient, functionally obsolete all-wooden structures, to new concrete and steel.

In order to maintain the roadways, Audubon County is divided into 8 motor grader (patrol/blade/maintainer) districts. Each motor grader has approximately 160 lane miles of road to work, keeping in the best driving condition possible for both summer and winter. Maintenance on our roadways is governed by ordinances according to the class of roadway and the situation: Level A & B, Level C, winter road maintenance, and use of road right-of-way. A couple of our more commonly questioned policies include "field entrances" and "tile crossings".

One Stop Permit Applications

Utility Permit Application

Entrance Application Policy

Entrance Application

Audubon County Roadside Department    
Audubon County Roadside Department utilizes the (IRVM)Integrated Roadside Vegetation Management Program as a way to provide a cost-effective, environmentally safe travel environment alternative to conventional methods. Safety is the #1 priority of the program. Controlling noxious weeds, soil erosion, water quality, wildlife habitat, along with aesthetically pleasing right-of-ways are part of the Roadside Plan. Woody brush and trees are cut to maintain a "neutral" area for wildlife ( mainly deer) but also to help eliminate "snow traps" Native grasses and prairie flowers are reseeded in ditches and on construction projects. To help the Roadside Budget, grants are applied for through the IA DOT. Seed and specialized equipment are purchased with grant money. The Weed Commissioner works under the direction of the Audubon County Board of Supervisors. . Ia Code 317 is followed for controlling weeds in the County The Weed Commissioner works closely with Federal Officials on CRP ground and local City and County officials on agricultural ground and within City limits. A notice is published in the local paper to remind landowners of State Laws and mowing periods. Landowners are required to control weeds along the shoulders of gravel roads. Right of Ways are not to be sprayed by anyone not authorized to do so. Spot mowing of weeds in the ditches is allowed but mowing of the whole ditch is against the law. 

Audubon County Integrated Roadside Vegetation Management Program General Plan

Contact: Kent Grabill Roadside Manager/ Weed Commissioner    
712-563-2486 (shop)
712-304-5367 ( cell phone)