Planning & Zoning

Audubon County Planning & Zoning
2147 Highway 71
Audubon, IA 50025
Phone: 712-563-4286
Fax: 712-563-2056

Zoning Administrator: Mitchel J Rydl P.E.

Office responsibilities:
The Audubon County Planning and Zoning Department administers and enforces the Audubon County Comprehensive Plan and the Audubon County Zoning Ordinance for unincorporated Audubon County.


Planning & Zoning Commission Meeting Agenda 2-22-2023


Planning & Zoning Commission Meeting Minutes 2-22-2023

Board of Adjustment Minutes 8-4-22

Documents available for viewing or download:

Audubon County Zoning Ordinance 

Audubon County Zoning Map 

Construction/Changed Use Permit Fees         
Resolution for Changed Use Permit Fees

Construction/Changed Use Permit Application

Audubon County Comprehensive Plan 2022

Chapter 1-3 Introduction/History/Population 

Chapter 4 Housing

Chapter 5 Parks and Culture

Chapter 6 Transportation

Chapter 7 Infrastructure

Chapter 8 Community Facilities

Chapter 9 Intergovernmental Collaboration

Chapter 10 Economic Development

Chapter 11 Hazards

Chapter 12 Land Use

Chapter 13 Implementation

Appendix A SWOT Analysis

Appendix B Community Survey